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NSF to PDF Converter makes NSF Emails Widely Accessible

Export Lotus Notes Emails to PDF Document to Increase their Accessibility & Platform Independency

  • Export Lotus Notes Email to PDF More...

    NSF file conversionNSF to PDF Converter is a well designed tool which is convert NSF emails, contacts, calenders, to-do-list into PDF document. Software exports all the mail from every Standard as well as Customize folders. Also, it creates a single PDF file for each NSF mails.

  • Preserve Email Header Information More...

    email meta dataSoftware Convert NSF email to PDF file file with all Meta data and Attachments attached to the Lotus Notes Emails. After Lotus Notes to Adobe PDF Conversion user will find each email details, Folder Hierarchy, Attachments and Email Style will remain as it is.

  • Export Scan NSF Emails to PDF More...

    scan & recoverThe Users can take the advantage of Scan Feature to recover their NSF files via print Lotus Notes document to PDF. Through scanning of NSF Emails user get the bug free & fresh data after convert Lotus Notes file to PDF Document.

  • View Attributes using Email Preview More...

    Preview of PDF filesWhile export Lotus Notes email to PDF user can use the option of the Email Preview to gain access the properties of Emails. In Email Preview Tab there is a list of Folders in the left pane and Emails along with their Meta in the right pane.

  • Compatible with NSF Versions More...

    compatible NSF versionsSoftware is compatible with Lotus Notes and all the versions like 9.0, 8.5, 8.0, 7.0 etc. Like every third party tool, it required installation of NSF at the time of Notes to Adobe PDF Conversion so keep it in mind tool provide compatibility with Older & the Newer Version of Lotus Notes.

  • Show conversion Reports in detail More...

    sort file by attributesNSF files to Adobe PDF easily shows the complete status Report of the complete conversion process step by step. It can also offer the entire report with folder name and destination path.

Modules of NSF to PDF Converter Utility

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Some Impotant Screenshots

lotus notes to pdf
scanning nsf file
preview NSF database and start conversion
export notes to pdf

Some Common FAQs

No, Software allows conversion of single NSF file at a time. If you have to convert N no of NSF files, then you can run the software N times.
Yes Off course, If NSF Mails are corrupted due to virus then Our Software is perfect solution.
No, Not at all after getting the license of Software you can do unlimited conversions.
Yeah tool supported all newer versions of Windows OS 8 & 8.1 as well Lotus Notes 9.0 and it below.
Yes, Software exports entire Meta data of Email after NSF into Adobe PDF Conversion.

What Client's are Saying


Information about Lotus Notes to PDF Conversion


Lotus Notes NSF files accessible and portable outside the NSF environment. This tool is easily usable such that any non technical users can easily use it. Multiple Lotus Notes provide the facility that is very important and comes up the important and there are different Read More

NSF to PDF Converter with Valuable Properties

  • Software is mean to export Lotus Notes Email to PDF with all Mail Properties & Attachments.
  • Convert NSF file to PDF allow Users to do unlimited conversion of countless NSF Files.
  • User can gain access the functionality of Scan & Email Preview of Lotus Notes Emails.
  • Software provide Discrete PDF file for each NSF mails with complete Meta after NSF file to PDF Conversion.
  • Free Trial of NSF to Adobe PDF Converter export 10 Lotus Notes emails Freely.
  • Lotus Notes Environment to run the software and Adobe Acrobat Reader to Open PDF File is Essential