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Outlook Contacts Converter Tool

Quick and Easy transfer Outlook Contacts as vCard, Outlook Express, Excel, google or yahoo format

  • Export Multiple Outlook Contacts into single vCard file More...

    export outlook contacts into vcardWith vCard Wizard Contacts Converter you can contacts from Microsoft Outlook to vCards, ie vcf files export. (Be to open the file, the software must vCard Wizard Contacts Converter installed) If necessary, select the Export to a single file or save the contacts in multiple individual files, the other in Google, on an iPhone, iPad, Android and most opens devices. The saved contacts contain all original fields as well as the image of the person.

  • Enable Multiple Business Cards in a file More...

    enable multiple business cardWith vCard Wizard Contacts Converter Pro Edition is the release of Outlook contacts a snap.Send an unlimited number of contacts in each file or paste the contacts into a single vCard file. vCards can be sent as e-mail attachment sent via instant messaging services and via Bluetooth or to an external drive.

  • Move Outlook Contacts More...

    move outlook contactsExport all contacts from Microsoft Outlook into a single vCard and move them. On another device Include identical contacts to another computer added, is running Outlook, or transfer them. On a smartphone, tablet or on services such as Google A vCard with all contacts can be saved to backup your data on another drive. So are your Outlook contacts in safety.

  • Microsoft Outlook vCard Converter More...

    outlook vcard converterMicrosoft Outlook allows the conversion of individual contacts to the vCard format. Now However you can easily convert all the contacts folder in one or more csv format easily export with just one click selected Outlook Contacts.

  • Manage duplicate contacts during importable More...

    manage duplicate contactvCard Wizard Contacts Converter provides basic functions for managing duplicate contacts ready. Decide for yourself whether duplicate contacts are allowed, whether old contacts are replaced by new or whether contacts are skipped that have been identified as a duplicate. So you can decide how to handle duplicate contacts themselves, so there is order in the contacts of Microsoft Outlook.

  • Unlimited import, export outlook contacts More...

    unlimited import export outlook contactsWith the free version up to five contacts can be imported simultaneously / exported. Storing multiple contacts in a vCard file is not possible. The Pro Edition allows you to import / export and distribution of an unlimited number of contacts. If necessary, a plurality of contacts in a file can be imported and exported.

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Some Common FAQs

Use the free demo version of export vCard wizard

  • The import/export is limited to five contacts per process
  • Storing multiple contacts in a vCard file is not possible.

If you want to save more then 15 contacts and also merge all the contacts then you have to purchase the full version of vCard Wizard

Just download the new version of vCard then install it into your system. The previous version must not be uninstalled.
Yes it is possible to transfer all the contacts between devices like android, iPhone, iPad, and windows PC.

Clients Feedback


Outlook Contacts Converter Tool - To Convert PST Contacts to OE


If you wanted to convert Outlook contacts to Outlook Express then you are required to spend in some worthy Outlook to OE tool so that, you can easily and quickly convert PST contacts to Outlook Express. The Software is exceptionally valuable and gives different advantages. Subsequent to changing over Outlook contacts in CSV group, client can utilize it (CSV document) for bringing in Google and Yahoo Address Book Read More


Reasons For Converting Outlook to Outlook Express:


Your decision for converting Outlook contacts into Outlook Express may be because of the reasons mentioned below:

  • Job Change: You prefer for Outlook Express email client because you have changed your job where you have OE environment and in your previous company you had MS Outlook environment. To access your entire Outlook contacts in Outlook Express the most important requirement is to convert Outlook to OE.
  • Different Email Clients: If you have OE in your home and Outlook in office and to carry out PST contacts in WAB you need convert Outlook to Outlook Express.
  • Damaged Outlook Application: In case your Microsoft email application got damaged then you can convert PST contacts to WAB files.

Software Features:

  • Fast Access to all contacts from Outlook to vCard
  • All functions are linked to the contacts as vCard
  • Collects items per contacts
  • Organize contacts based on categories
  • Import of address data from Excel and vCard
  • Export of addresses to CSV or Excel