Benefits that Comes with NSF to MSG/EML Converter Tool

Twin Conversion-NSF to EML or MSG

With the help of our NSF conversion tool users can successfully and safely convert one or more NSF files into MSG which single file format of MS Outlook or EML which is single file format of Outlook Express effectively.

Selective Conversion from NSF to EML

The precisely designed NSF Converter program allows the users to choose the file format in which they would like to convert NSF to MSG/EML and the users can choose the category of data with the help of checkboxes.

Quality and Perfection Guaranteed

The NSF converter tool doesn't even compromises on the quality of conversion. The backend of the tool is perfectly packed in with highly advanced algorithms that help the users perform accurate conversion of NSF to MSG or EML file.

Secure NSF to EML Conversion

The tool ensures that a secure process of conversion is rendered and hence allows data security along with the retention of the metadata. Software is so much facilitate with innovative feature that preserves the integrity of original data.

Preserve Folder Hierarchy

NSF Converter tool is rich feature enough software that completely migrate NSF data with all its Meta safely and moreover it is capable to preserve folder hierarchy as it was made earlier before conversion.

Simple User Interface

Our NSF to EML or MSG tool is designed with so many advance properties and with the technicality of software developers made as simple as user interface so that can be easily handled by Technical as well as non-technical person.

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Some Common FAQs

Can software support Old version of Lotus Notes?
Yes Off course, software has no issue with the old version of Lotus Notes. It is compatible with Lotus Notes 5.0 to 9.0 versions.
Will it able to convert corrupted NSF file into EML format?
No, software will not allow the conversion of corrupted or damaged NSF files.
Is there any limitation on no. of NSF files which is going to be converted into EML or MSG?
No not at all, if you have the license of software then you can convert unlimited NSF files whenever you want.
Will software convert my NSF File in EML & MSG format both?
Yeah, you can convert NSF file into both EML and MSG file format, but once at a time.

What Makes this App Exclusive from Other Program

NSF to EML Converter a successful conversion program that fulfills the needs of the users who are looking for the conversion of single or more NSF file of Lotus Notes email application into Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express Mail client. As the tool is capable of converting one or more NSF file into a single file format of MS Outlook i.e. MSG file format or even Outlook Express mail application's single file with EML file extension it can be used by the users for both types of conversion. This NSF Converter tool of our organization productively and securely converts the selective NSF database with highly advanced manner as the developers have designed it with advanced set of algorithms

Where the Need of NSF to EML/MSG Arises

Lotus Notes NSF converter utility to convert Lotus Notes NSF files to some other email format. Using Lotus Notes NSF Converter utilities, convert Lotus Notes database (emails, contacts/address book, journals, calendar, to-do list) to Ms Outlook, Outlook Express, MS Excel file.Software offers 5 kind of Lotus Notes NSF Converter utility to convert NSF files (contacts or emails) that includes Lotus Notes Address Book Conversion tool & Lotus Notes Emails conversion tool. Lotus Notes NSF Converter Tool requires Lotus Notes v8.5, 8.0, 7.0, 6.5, 6.0 & 5.0. or above to be installed in a computer system to perform Lotus Notes Conversion. Lotus Notes NSF Converter utilities will help Lotus Notes Users, System Administrators, Technicians, Litigation Support & Forensic Experts (to prove evidences) to switch or transfer Lotus Notes data to Ms Outlook, Outlook Express, Ms Excel file